What’s wrong with my dog? He won’t open his mouth AT ALL even when i try to pry it open.?

April Asked: What’s wrong with my dog? He won’t open his mouth AT ALL even when i try to pry it open.?

He is very skinny and he wont eat or drink ANYTHING. All he does is stand in the water bowl like he wants to drink but still nothing. He wasn't like this yesterday someone PLEASE i need SERIOUS help. No money to take him to the vet, any home remedies ?


Bin Weevils Answered:
omg im so sorry, he probably has something wrong with his mouth..
theres no other way but to take him to the vets …

redwidow Answered:
he didn't get skinny overnight, this sounds like something he has had going on for a while.Unfortunately there are no at home remedies for lockjaw (tetanus), rabies or a few other diseases he could possibly have.I would love to give you an at home remedy but unfortunately, you waited waaayyyy too long to ask this question.Time to either take him to the vet or the pound for euthanasia. sorry.You can try forcing liquids (pedialyte/water) every 4-5 hours into him and purreed can dog food (liquified or watered down) (they also sell high calorie paste for putting weight on ill puppies at your local feed store) for a few days to see if he'll pull out of it but at this point his prognosis is dim without proper vet care.

Noccie Answered:
Ofcourse there are no home remedies for something dramatic like this.The dog HAS to go to the vet.Tell the vet that you have low funds and see if he/she will work with you.

ladystang Answered:
re home if you don't have money for a vet
a dog is a luxury item they cost money to keep
considered abuse to not take a dog to vet

Katie Cruz Answered:
Was he abused? Look back on his history. If someone abused him and it had something to do with his food or mouth, that may be the reason. He may be sick so take him to the vet. Otherwise, try to get some water.

Catwings Answered:
OMG are you f**king kidding me?
Wouldn't you go to the doctor if you couldn't open your mouth? Find a way to get your animal to a vet or take him to a shelter since you obviously can't properly care for a dog.

samuraianimeangel Answered:
Hon, calm down. He might've broke his jaw or dislocated it. I'd suggest to take it to a vet and let them figure it out. Tell them what happened and your funds. They will be happy to assist you. Hope this helps. icon smile Whats wrong with my dog? He wont open his mouth AT ALL even when i try to pry it open.?

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