What’s something natural you can eat or do to calm nerves?

KR Asked: What’s something natural you can eat or do to calm nerves?

Nothing like pills. Just any like.. home remedies that help to calm nerves.


RoRo Answered:
squeeze balls that always helps me

Peachy Perfect Answered:
Hmm, I find tea relaxing. I also like making warm chocolate cakes, that also helps me calm my nerves. My all time favorite is a mixture of both, plus a bubble bath. Breath deep too, it'll help your heart rate go down if your nerves are that bad.

KH kairi Answered:
Yoga, pilates any exercise really helps me out

jessica Answered:
Valerian is very effective and available without prescription, at health stores for examples, several drops will relax you and provide a good sleep. Belladona is more difficult to procure and has also stronger effects so one should be carefull with it.

Ca Hena Answered:
Hot tea.
Laying down.
Your personal comfort foods.
Whatever you feel like doing that will calm your heart rate, etc..
Biggest thing is to not stress and stay relaxed. It always works for me!

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