What to take instead of Benadryl?

cindy Asked: What to take instead of Benadryl?

My sis is allergic to shrimp, still she ate some, now she starting to get the symptoms confident that she can take benadryl and be just fine, goes to the only store in town they don't have any, is there a home remedy or any other drug she can take?


Diogenes Answered:
no antihistamine will help if her throat starts closing up.Best bet is to get Claretin or vistaril and go to a hospital ER waiting room but only register if bad symptoms start (thus being seen fast), although going to ER without waiting is fair game.

Annie Answered:
Zyrtec, Allegra or Claritin, or the store brand for Benadryl IF they have that.Only the antihistamine can counter act the swelling.If she experiences any swelling to the mouth area or her breathing becomes difficult, then just bring her to the emergency room and they can treat her.And tell her to NOT eat any more shrimp…fish allergies can be bad.

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