what are the home remedies for maxillary sinus?

Sudhakar Mittal Asked: what are the home remedies for maxillary sinus?

what are the treatments for maxillary sinus?


Pulsation Answered:
1.avoid sun exposure best to use umbrella.
2.dont let your hair wet after bath
3.avoid dust
4.avoid ice or cold water over face
5.in case of acute sinusitis(inflamation of sinus) steam inhalation from water+chlorhexidine mouth wash
6.tab gatifloxacin-400(gatriquin/gati/gazal) once a day for 7 days,tab flexon twice daily for 3 days with antacid.

monika J Answered:
Here I am suggesting u an easy way which u can do yourself
Buy a small bottle of BETADINE lotion,lactacyd lotion 60 mls packand a few Canesten Clotrimazole 500mg vaginal suppository or vaginal tablet and a few syringes of 10 cc 10 amps of distilled water
instructions to u:
Now take 1 cc betadine and 1 cc lactacyd lotion in 10 cc syringe and 8 cc distilled water
Sit on stool, remove the needleand insertthe syringe in vagina as much u can and push the solution fast
let the fluid flow out when stop than push one vaginal tablet as high as u can with the help of finger
continue it for 5 days
itching will disappear in 24 hours,
u can use this procedure once a week as ur personal Hygiene
u can make love as usual with condom
See the view of one of patient
After buying Canesten Clotrimazole 500mg vaginal suppository, I then followed instruction carefully.
And you know what, my problem of itching and was gone overnight! This is really an effective one thus I highly recommend this for females who have the same problem

jarantar Answered:
Since you have said your anus too itches. It may be due to worm infection of the intestine. Most probably you may be having thread worms and pin worms which come out through the anus and enter the vagina. The pin worms cannot be easily spotted by the naked eyes. Suggest you take an anti worm treatment and wash your vagina and anus clean.

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