How can I purposely have a miscarriage?

i 3 love Asked: How can I purposely have a miscarriage?

I'm 16 and and boyfriend and I had unprotected sex 11 days ago. It didn't last too long which doesn't make it okay, but my friend told me there is more sperm in pre-*** than the actual semen. That totally freaked me out. I took a pregnancy test and it said not pregnant, but I think I might have taken the test too early. I don't want to start an opinion war about how abortions or wrong or not, please leave your personal beliefs out of this. Clearly we don't have enough money to get a real abortion if I am pregnant, so I was wondering if there are any home remedies or something that can purposely cause a miscarriage. We really need help because we were irresponsible and don't know what to do. I saw on one sight that if I take Vitamin C for 5 or so days in a row, it could get rid of the baby. Please help…anything will be greatly appreciated.


DH a mother of 2 Answered:
Make sure if you are pregnant FIRST before trying anything. And this is just disturbing. The only way you can get pregnant from pre-*** is if he recently masterbated. Other wise pre-*** don't contain sperm.

The wise one Answered:

morgan p Answered:
That was irresponsible, but I'm not going to lecture u because obviously u know that. It's too late for that now anyway. As the previous said please be sure that u are in fact pregnant before trying anything. You don't want to do anything that puts your health at risk. One way would be by doing all the things they tell u not to at the doctors. (which I don't advise) there are some natural herbs that are said to work as natural abortions. These are available over the Internet. They are only 50% effective tho. Honestly I don't think you're pregnant though. I think it just made you nervous because it was unprotected and your friend told you about the precum. Although it is possible to get pregnant that way, it's somewhat rare. Anyways hope I've helped and wish you the best.:)

kelly Answered:
You CAN get pregnant off pre *** I have been TWICE! First time I got an abortion. And now the second time over, I am keeping it. If you are pregnant, just go an get an abortion. They don't really hurt, you get put under anesthetic so you feel no pain. Then it's just like period pain for a week or so after. Depending on where u are from, an abortion may be out of the question. I live in sydney australia, and it cost around 200 dollars to get it and it's perfectly legal. But just wait and see if you are, don't stress yourself, it is normally quite difficult to become pregant. Obiviously not in my instance, but in most others it is. If you are pregnant, go to your GP, they will confirm and refer you to abortion clinics if abortion is what you want to do, that is if you live somewhere where it's legal.

savannahjc23 Answered:
I do not think you can purposly have a miscarriage but you can get the "morning after pill" your pharmacy has this no precription needed……………of course this will not induce a miscarriage just prevent you from concieving…………..The chances of you being pregnant are slim, you have to have sex at the exact right time during the month. YOu can get pregnant from pre*** but its not as likly………I suggst you get the pill, and wait to see what happens, if you end up pregnant you will just have to grow up and either have a baby or get your parents involved on paying for an abortion ( i personally do not believe in that but its up to you)

girlfriend of a marine Answered:
who recommended the morning after pill? NEWS FLASH! you cant take the morning after pill if she had sex 11 days ago you dumass.AND FOR U ASKING THE QUESTION, its not right too try n purposely have a miscarriage.keep your legs closed. see a doctor but im pretty sure ur not pregnant.

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